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Acoustic guitar focused music.

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Acoustic Moods Playlist

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If you like calm, melancholic music with a focus on acoustic instruments, this playlist might be a goldmine for you to discover independent artists you probably don't know yet. The playlist is frequently updated with the newest and best releases out there.

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Acoustic Background Moods

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Acoustic Background Moods Playlist

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Guitar TABs

If you like to play one of Spare Planet's fingerstyle guitar songs, there are free guitar tabs available for these tracks:

Album Track
Gyration Gyration
Transition Transition
All Leaves to the Moon All Leaves to the Moon
All Leaves to the Moon The Great Filter
24 days one
24 days two
24 days three
24 days four
24 days five
24 days six
24 days seven
24 days eight
24 days nine


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